A Metamorphosis Within


Journey to Healing, Self-Discovery, and Finding One's Purpose in Life

"A METAMORPHOSIS WITHIN: Journey to Healing, Self-Discovery, and Finding One's Purpose in Life" by Melissa Zartar is a candid guide for women's journey towards self-discovery and empowerment. Through her own tumultuous experiences in life, the author sheds light on the struggles faced by women who often find themselves undervalued and exploited in relationships. 

At its core, this book is dedicated to individuals who have experienced betrayal and disappointment from their partners or loved ones; those who have encountered life's challenges each time they attempted to move forward and reach a goal; and those who have felt mistreated, and that their kindness was abused, leaving them broken.

Melissa Zartar's book serves as a mirror reflecting the pain and heartache that many have encountered, providing strategies for self-healing and offering solace in the understanding that life's trials do not define our worth. To create the life we have always dreamt of, we must decide to persevere, let go of limiting ideas, and never give up.


A Metamorphosis Within: Journey to healing, self-discovery, and finding one’s purpose in life is about one woman's path to find love and herself. Author, Melissa Zartar, captures what is it like to be a Psychotherapist and a typical woman in the new age of dating. She gives real life tips on what to look for when dating, how to avoid con artists, how to heal if you are taken in by a con artist and how to start again. She does not become the victim but the victor. I liked how she started off each chapter with a quote and ended each chapter with an intriguing reflection question. She doesn't just hand you the information in the book but asks you questions to get you involved in your own process, just as she did. This book is very empowering and would be great for all women that are currently dating, have had trauma from dating or past relationships and mental health professionals. 

— Carrie Hammond, MFT, BCBA

A Metamorphosis Within is an excellent read. This book expresses the essential keys to unlocking courage, transparency, intentionality and courage.  Melissa has written and created something special to help women confront their hurts and to become a woman who knows their identity. Melissa I am so proud of you!

— Kimberly Estelle Clayborn, MA, LMFT, LPCC